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With Hooker Super Competition the objective has always been to make the maximum horsepower and to put it at the optimum point in the power curve. It takes a lot of time and money to do the job right. We will sometimes spend up to 2 to 3 times more just to make the Super Competition header work only 5 to 10% better. That commitment to excellence has made Hooker Headers the winningest header manufacturer in automotive drag racing history. Our "Alignment Weld Sleeve" allows the fabricator to align, hold and weld two pieces of mild steel tube without help. Because no rod is needed, the welder has a free hand. The "Alignment Sleeve" assures a perfectly aligned joint with no weld slag inside to reduce the tube diameter and restrict air flow. Perfect alignment and just the right amount of welding material results in a very professional looking weld. Weld Sleeves are packaged 20 sleeves per bag. Tuned-length primary tubes for maximum exhaust scavenging and velocity
Mandrel-bent tubing for smooth exhaust flow
All necessary hardware included for a complete installation
Designed for optimal performance
Industry’s best welds for durability
5/16” machined flanges for a perfect seal
Long transition collector for decreased back pressure
Light weight & sturdy 18 gauge tubing