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Gen 2 LT Engine Valvetrain Completion Package

Gen 2 LT Engine Valvetrain Completion Package

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Choose this valvetrain completion package to compliment your Tick Elite Series camshaft for 1993-1997 LT1 and LT4 engines. 

The foundation of the package consists of Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Non self-aligning rocker arms in your choice of 1.52, 1.6, or a combination of the two.  Also included is a set of ARP 7/16" rocker arm studs and a set of Comp Cams adjustable pushrod guide plates.  Guide plates are available for 5/16" or 3/8" diameter pushrods. You may also choose to add a timing set, gaskets, and new ARP camshaft bolts.

Option Guide:  Guide Plates  Choose between 5/16" and 3/8" guide plates based on the size of pushrods you plan to use.  It is never a bad idea to go with larger 3/8" diameter pushrods as long as there is proper clearance between the pushrod and the cylinder head itself.  The larger the pushrod, the less deflection resulting in a more stable valvetrain and more power.  

Option Guide:  Rocker Arm Ratio If using one of our Elite Series camshafts with a stock set of GM cylinder heads, you will likely want to opt for 1.52 ratio rockers.  If your cylinder heads have been ported and worked in a manor that has improved flow at higher valve lifts you may opt for 1.6 ratio rockers.  All of our Elite Series shelf cams will be stable with the recommended valve springs using either the 1.52 or 1.6 ratio rockers.  If for some reason you'd like to use 1.52 ratio on the intake and 1.6 ratio on the exhaust valves or vice versa with an existing camshaft just opt for the combination of both.

Option Guide:  Timing Set If you wish to add a timing set, you have 3 options.  Cloyes PN: C-3228 is an OEM style Link Belt timing chain and has the appropriate camshaft sprocket to turn a spline drive Opti.  The spline drive Opti distributors were the first design also known as a non-vented opti.  Cloyes PN:  9-3651X3 uses a more common performance single roller timing chain design, billet cam gears, and has multiple key locations to advance or retard camshaft timing if necessary.  You can upgrade your early LT engine originally equipped with a spline driven opti to use this improved timing set by changing the opti itself to the later vented style (or deleting it in favor of a 24x conversion) along with a later designed timing cover.  The third option is Comp Cams PN: 7136.  This Comp timing set uses a double roller chain design with billet gears, however it does not have any provision for the LT engines factory cam gear driven shaft water pump.  You should opt for the Comp 7136 timing set if you wish to convert to an electric water pump.  Simply plug or weld the hole shut where the water pumps shaft once exited the timing cover and eliminate a potential oil leak at the same time.  Also, Comp 7136 timing set WILL NOT work with the OEM 4x crank reluctor found in the 1996 and 1997 vehicles (OBDII).  However, if maintaining the factory PCM, that reluctor and the crank sensor can be deleted with no adverse affects to how the LT engine runs, simply delete the codes when tuning.  You will need a spacer to simulate the thickness of that reluctor, a pulley hub from a 1993-1995 LT engine, or an ATI balancer combined with their included spacer.  If you will be using an EFI Connection 24x system call so we may better help you as there are many options and things to consider!

Option Guide: Cam Swap Gaskets & Seals Add a Fel Pro timing cover gasket / seal kit along with a one piece oil pan gasket.  Choose based on which style opti you have to get the correct seal for the opti itself.  Water pump gaskets are also included.  While some may attempt to install a camshaft into a small block chevy without dropping the oil pan with some level of success, it is more difficult to do on LT engines due to the water pump seal needing to slide over the shaft that passes through the seal squarely.  In order to do that the pan must be dropped.

Option Guide: Cam Bolts Add a new set of ARP 2000 Pro Series camshaft bolts.